Nutrition Pathway

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Oakville, Ontario, L6K 3B6

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Individual Nutrition Counselling:
Initial Nutrition Consultation-  $120.00, 1 hour
Includes nutrition assessment, counselling and individualized care plan for the following:
Healthy Eating for all Ages
Weight Loss
Heart Health (high cholesterol/high blood pressure)
Diabetes Prevention/Management
Digestive Concerns i.e. irritable bowel syndrome, IBD ( crohn's, colitis), celiac disease, pancreatitis, heartburn (GERD)
Food Allergies/intolerances (i.e. gluten sensitivity, FODMAP diet)
Sport Nutrition

Nutrition Follow Up-  $60.00, 1/2 hour
Ongoing follow up is the key to long-term success.  These sessions Include additional education based on your individual needs, coaching and support, progress monitoring and goal setting.
Meal Planning Session-  $120.00, 1 hour
Learn how to plan healthy, balanced meals tailored to the individual needs and food preferences of you and your family. 
Individual Nutrition Counselling Package-  $270.00 (10% discount!)
Includes initial consultation and 3 follow up sessions.
Weight Loss Session 1-  $120.00, 1 hour
This is the initial consultation which includes a nutrition assessment, counselling and an individualized care plan for weight loss. 
Weight Loss Session 2-  $120.00, 1 hour
Following a one hour initial consultation, this session will provide coaching and focus on identifying and changing problematic eating behaviour.
Weight Loss Session 3-  $120.00, 1 hour
Following session 2, this session will provide coaching and focus on changing other lifestyle behaviours which may be affecting your health.
Weight Loss Package- $450.00 (15% discount!)
Includes Session 1 (Initial Consultation), 2nd and 3rd  Weight Loss Sessions and 3 Follow up appointments.
Couple/Family Nutrition Counselling Session-Contact Cheryl to find out more about couple or family rates.     
Cheryl is an energetic, dynamic speaker and has several years experience facilitating interactive groups on various nutrition and health related topics.  She has also worked in the pharmaceutical industry as a sales trainer and has taken courses in adult education. Cheryl is a Craving ChangeTM instructor. 
Presentations and workshops can be provided on a topic of your choice or any of the following:
Living Healthy with Diabetes- 1.5 hours
Preventing Diabetes-1.5 hours
Heart Healthy Habits- 1 hour
Meal Planning for Beginners- 1.5 hours
Craving ChangeTM- 5, 1.5 hour sessions
Pathway to Health (weight management)- 5, 1.5 hour sessions
Managing Mealtime Mania (picky eaters)-1 hour
Healthy Eating During Menopause-1 hour
Preventing and Managing Osteoporosis- 1 hour
Contact Cheryl for more detail about presentations/workshops and fees.  

Check with your health insurance as dietitians' services may be covered by your extended health benefit plan or health care spending account. If you do not have coverage, show this resource to your employer to get dietitian services added to your benefit plan, (click here)