May 14, 2017

I can remember during the cold, winter months, waiting patiently for my mom to finish cooking up a pot of porridge on the stove for breakfast.  She would put the porridge in a bowl and I would sprinkle it with a generous amount of brown sugar.  When the brown sugar melted, I would pour cold milk on it to cool it down a little, and finally it was ready to eat.  To be honest, I'm not quite sure it was the porridge that I liked, but rather the melted brown sugar on the top!  Never the less, I have fond memories of eating porridge during my childhood.  

While porridge does still exist, it seems that most people now call it oatmeal.  If you want oatmeal for breakfast these days there is a variety of oats to choose from besides the rolled oats my mom made when I was growing up.   As a consumer, it can be quite a challenge trying to decide which oats are best .  

All oats go through the same initial stages of processing which incl...

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