September 23, 2018

Cravings, we all get them.  They are defined as “a powerful desire for something”.  For a lot of us, this “something” is FOOD.  Of course, we rarely get a craving for something nourishing like a cucumber or an orange.  Our cravings usually for something salty, like potato chips or something sweet, like chocolate!  More often than not, we crave the foods that give us PLEASURE.  Unfortunately, that pleasure is usually only temporary, because soon after giving into our cravings, we are burdened with the feeling of GUILT.  Cravings have been compared to a wave in the ocean.  They start out slow, increase in strength, rise to a crest and then gradually fade away over time.  Using the 5 D’s may help you manage your cravings.  The 5 D’s are: Determine, Delay, Distract, Distance and Decide.

1. Determine-   Ask yourself if you are actually hungry or if you are eating for reasons other than hunger i.e. emotional eating.  If you are truly hungry, it has been 3-4 hours sinc...

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