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Weight Loss/

Emotional Eating

Recommendation:  Initial nutrition consultation ($130.00), 2 x 1 hour sessions ($120.00 each) and 3 x 1/2 hour follow up sessions ($60.00 each)
  • Initial one-hour weight loss consultation includes a nutrition assessment, counselling and an personalized nutrition care plan  
  • During subsequent sessions and follow up, Cheryl will help you to:
    • Eat healthy to achieve your best weight without restrictive eating
    • Plan healthy meals and snacks that will help you feel full for longer
    • Develop strategies to manage "triggers" for emotional eating and cravings
    • Eat intuitively and mindfully
    • Make changes to other lifestyle behaviours which may be affecting your health
    • Stay motivated and achieve your goals
Includes Session 1 (Initial weight loss consultation), 2nd and 3rd  Weight Loss Sessions and 3 Follow Up appointments.

Diet Salad

Check with your health insurance as dietitians' services may be covered by your extended health benefit plan or health care spending account. If you do not have coverage, show this resource to your employer to get dietitian services added to your benefit plan, (click here)

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