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Referrals from Physicians or other Health Care Professionals:
Physicians or other health care professionals can refer patients to Cheryl Corry, Registered Dietitian at Nutrition Pathway, by filling out the referral form and attaching any pertinent blood work.
Please fax referral form to Nutrition Pathway at 289-813-8825. 
Cheryl will contact the patient to book an appointment or patients/staff are welcome to book appointments themselves on line.
There is a fee for private practice dietitian services. 
Initial Nutrition Consultation (1 hour): $120.00
Nutrition Follow Up (30 min): $60.00
(see Services page for more detail)

Contact for Cheryl Corry, Registered Dietitian at Nutrition Pathway:
Tel:  289-529-0339
Fax:  289-813-2285
Nutrition Pathway
Referral Form
(click attachment)
It is recommended that patients check with their health insurance provider in advance of booking appointment for nutrition counselling, as dietitian services may be covered by their extended health care benefit plan or health care spending account. 
Dietitian services are also tax deductible. 
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