Nutrition Pathway is open for in-person and virtual (phone or online) nutrition counselling.  

For in-person appointments you must wear a face-mask and complete a Covid-19 screening questionnaire prior to your appointment.


Fresh Produce

Individual Nutrition Counselling

Evidence-based nutrition support for healthy eating and disease prevention/management


           *NEW*              Genetic Testing

Find out how to eat according to your genes

Diet Salad

Weight Loss/Emotional Eating

Nourish your body, improve your health and achieve your best weight without restrictive dieting

Group Meeting

Couple & Group Counselling

Couple and group rates available.  Contact Cheryl for more information.

Canada's Food Guide

Meal Planning

Learn how to plan healthy, balanced meals tailored to your individual needs and food preferences 

Clapping Audience

Presentations & Workshops

Cheryl is an experienced facilitator on a variety of topics related to health and chronic disease.  Contact Cheryl for more information